5 Best Hip Flexor Stretches

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For those who’re like most individuals and spend most of your day sitting, there’s a superb likelihood you’ve gotten tight hip flexors. These crucial muscular tissues, which hyperlink our torso to our legs, are integral for every day motion and good posture.

But, by spending lengthy hours behind a desk, on the sofa or within the automotive, many individuals’s hip flexors are struggling the results of a sedentary life-style.

Causes of Tight Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are a gaggle of muscular tissues alongside the entrance of your higher thighs. They consist of 5 muscular tissues – the psoas main, iliacus, pectineus, rectus femoris and sartorius – that work collectively to flex the hip and carry your thigh while you stroll, run or stand.

“They’re additionally an necessary a part of trunk stability, core energy and hip stability,” says Trevor Delaney, a licensed main backbone practitioner and bodily remedy program director on the College of Pittsburgh Medical Heart Rehab Institute.

If you spend a number of time sitting, the hip flexor muscular tissues are likely to shorten and tighten up.

Nevertheless, it isn’t solely individuals with desk jobs who’re vulnerable to creating tight hip flexors. Over time, hip flexor tightness can even have an effect on athletes who’re concerned in sports activities and bodily actions that require repetitive hip flexion or hip stabilization – reminiscent of biking, working or soccer. In these circumstances, the muscular tissues tighten to attempt to defend the hip joint, explains Fabio Comana, a school member in train physiology at San Diego State College and the Nationwide Academy of Sports activities Medication.

Finest Hip Flexor Stretches

Relieve discomfort and enhance flexibility in your hip flexors with the next stretches.

Half-kneeling lunge

Demonstration of a half knee lunge hip flexor stretch.

U.S. Information|Shanley Chien

  1. Kneel on the ground and convey your proper leg out in entrance in order that your proper foot is flat on the ground and your proper thigh is parallel to the ground.
  2. Place your palms on the ground on both aspect of your foot. If you really feel secure, place your palms in your hips or in your proper knee for assist as you straighten your again within the upright place.
  3. Hold your left knee and shin on the ground and slowly slide them again till you are feeling a mild stretch within the entrance of your left hip. Hold your torso lengthy as you do that with out leaning ahead.
  4. Maintain this place for 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. For a deeper stretch, attain your left arm overhead and barely towards the proper as you drive your hips ahead.
  6. Repeat on the opposite aspect.
  7. Alternate these half-kneeling lunges for a complete of 4 reps on both sides.

Susceptible hip extension

Demonstration of a prone hip extension stretch.

U.S. Information|Shanley Chien

  1. Lie chest down on the ground along with your legs straight. Cross your arms and place them underneath your head for assist, along with your head turned to both aspect.
  2. Bend the proper knee in a 90-degree angle till the only real of the proper foot is going through the ceiling. If in case you have notably tight hip flexors, your hip might shift and carry off the bottom, but it surely’s necessary to verify each hips keep squared to the ground to get essentially the most out of the stretch.
  3. Elevate the entrance of the proper thigh off the ground just a few inches. (In case your again arches, it could assist to put a small pillow or towel underneath your waist for assist.)
  4. Slowly decrease your proper thigh again right down to the ground.
  5. Do that 5 to 10 instances.
  6. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Thomas check stretch

Demonstration of the Thomas Test stretch.

U.S. Information|Josh Welling

  1. Lie in your again on a mattress or desk along with your head and neck supported and your legs hanging off the top.
  2. Bend your left knee towards your chest and hug it with each arms.
  3. Let your proper leg dangle out of bed or desk whereas retaining your again flat on the mattress or desk. “The burden of your leg and gravity will result in a stretch of the proper hip flexors,” explains Peter Ronai, a medical professor of train science at Sacred Coronary heart College in Fairfield, Connecticut.
  4. Maintain this place for 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

Pigeon pose

Demonstration of the Pigeon Pose.

U.S. Information|Josh Welling

  1. Begin in a pushup place along with your palms and the balls of your ft on the ground, and your shoulders over your wrists.
  2. Elevate your proper foot and convey it ahead, inserting your proper bent knee at a 90-degree angle on the ground so it’s subsequent to your proper hand and your proper foot is close to your left hand. (Exactly the place your knee and toes are positioned will rely in your flexibility.)
  3. Stretch the left leg behind you so far as you possibly can, whereas retaining your hips squared towards the ground.
  4. Decrease your self onto your forearms, retaining your head and neck according to your backbone. (If that’s too intense, you possibly can keep in your palms.)
  5. Maintain the stretch for 30 seconds.
  6. Change sides.


Demonstration of the Bridge hip flexor stretch.

U.S. Information|Shanley Chien

  1. Lie in your again along with your knees bent, and your ft flat on the ground hip-width aside. Place your arms alongside the edges of your physique, along with your palms on the ground.
  2. Along with your heels and palms urgent into the ground, carry your hips towards the ceiling as excessive as you possibly can with out arching your again. (The purpose is to have your knees, hips and shoulders in a straight line.)
  3. Maintain this excessive place for just a few seconds, then slowly decrease your hips to the ground.
  4. Repeat this 5 to 10 instances.

Potential Problems From Tight Hip Flexors

“Tight hip flexors alter the alignment of the skeleton, making you much less secure and compromising mobility,” Comana says. “You’re not in a position to transfer as effectively, which results in put on and tear on different segments and will increase the danger of acute or overuse harm.”

To stop these potential issues, it’s necessary to commonly give your tight hip flexors some aid.

Tricks to Keep away from Future Hip Flexor Tightness

Giving your hip flexors the TLC they want (and deserve) is crucial for a lot of facets of your bodily well being and wellness.

In truth, a 2021 examine within the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics discovered that even a single session of hip flexor stretching in wholesome adults led to rapid enhancements of their standing postural alignment.

However stretching solely while you really feel tightness is a short-term resolution. It is necessary to care for your hips commonly for long-term hip well being.

Listed here are some methods for stopping tight hip flexors sooner or later:

  • Sit much less. On condition that sitting an excessive amount of is among the main causes of hip flexor tightness, you possibly can stop this sooner or later by altering your habits – particularly, by sitting much less. For those who have a tendency to spend so much of time sitting at your desk, set a reminder in your cellphone to take breaks out of your chair by standing or strolling round for a couple of minutes.
  • Create an ergonomic workspace. “Get a standing workstation, which is able to assist along with your posture too,” Comana says. “Begin by aiming to spend 5% extra of your day in a standing place.” Then, you possibly can construct up from there.
  • Stretch extra. To maintain your hips limber, do hip flexor stretches not less than as soon as a day and concentrate on sustaining good posture while you’re standing all through the day. Analysis reveals that commonly doing hip muscle stretches can relieve low again ache and instability and enhance bodily performance in individuals with low again ache, whereas additionally enhancing hip muscle flexibility.
  • Heat up earlier than understanding. Giving your self time to correctly heat up earlier than understanding or doing any strenuous bodily exercise helps prime the physique for motion. It will increase blood circulate to the muscular tissues, making it simpler for them to contract and stretch, and reduces the danger of strains, accidents and tightness all through the physique.

Taking these steps is well worth the effort to your general well being and well-being, particularly as we age.

“The trick is to get optimum size again in these hip flexors to take care of performance as you become older,” Ronai says.

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