Bills 24, Bucs 18 Game: Recap, Highlights, and Must-Know Stats

Bills 24, Bucs 18 Game Recap, Highlights, and Must-Know Stats

Josh Allen remains unbeaten on Thursday Night Football The quarterback was a key player in leading his team the Buffalo Bills to a 24-18 victory against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Allen completed the ball at 78 percent in his quest for 324 yards of passing with two touchdowns. Allen was intercepted after the ball was tipped after release.

In in addition to the work in on the ground, Allen tallied 41 rushing yards and a touchdown on seven plays. Allen did not hesitate to get his feet on the ground whenever he needed to slide to stay clear of contact.

A rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid was the only active tight end on the roster for game day while Dawson Knox and Quintin Morris both are recovering from injuries. Kincaid was able to score the game’s highest score of a touchdown and five receptions. the first in his career.

In the closing minutes in the 2nd quarter Allen was able to take the ball on midway through the 2nd quarter, Allen took the ball at Tampa Bay 22-yard line and left, landing on Kincaid who raced through his opponent to the goal line. In a bid to hold onto the ball, which will likely find the place on Kincaid’s chest and extending his arms before bursting into the crowd for his very first goal as a professional.

In those three contests preceding Thursday night Thursday night, they Bills offense scored a total of 10-points in the first half. Thursday, they scored 17. The week before, they missed two field goals, Tyler Bass drilled a 37-yarder to make it a 37-yarder to Buffalo in first position on the first play. Buffalo never lost ground after the score.

The Bills defense and special teams units were successful in keeping out Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers offense in the opening half. After they made their way towards Buffalo territorial territory in their second attack of the game the defensive end Shaq Lawson blocked Chase McLauglin’s field-goal attempt to stop the Bucs from getting on the scoreboard.

In the absence of finding an end-zone in the opening quarter The Bills offense became hot in the 2nd quarter. In the red zone, Allen had a big gap that was open from his Tampa Bay 13-yard line and the QB chose to hold the ball for an TD run. It was Allen’s fifth rushing touchdown in the last year.

Bills 24, Bucs 18 Game Recap, Highlights, and Must-Know Stats

As Mayfield started to get hot for the Bucs and the Bucs, he spotted the receiver Chris Godwin for a big gain that set the stage for an 57-yard field goal which McLaughlin managed to hit through the posts to score the Bucs’ first points of the game. It was 10-3.

After Allen’s intercept, Mayfield only played two minutes before throwing an interception pass to Godwin who made a stunning play to win the game. Kincaid’s touchdown made it possible for Buffalo the lead at the half.

Allen was back with Kincaid at the beginning of the third quarter. He found Kincaid for a gain of 18 yards in the first offensive play. Allen played a shrewd 9-play run that culminated in an easy throw for Gabe Davis for a touchdown which would be their final of the game.

Six punts were thrown in succession and each team struggled to come up with scoring drives. Bills punter Sam Martin landed three of his four punts within the 10-yard line, and two of them landing within the 5-yard mark.

His final kick bounced up, and Cam Lewis made a nice play in the attempt to take get the ball down but it was tossed into the zone of finals to be an extra touchback.

Tampa Bay threatened Buffalo’s lead in the final minutes in the game when a long drive that ended in the touchdown of Mike Evans and a successful two-point conversion. Following the game, Buffalo were forced to throw, Mayfield drove the Bucs to their own 45-yard line at which point they attempted the Hail Mary.

A group of Bills Bucs receivers and defenders took off to catch the ball. The football slid on the blue turf of the Bills end zone, and the game was over.

The Bills have improved to 5-3 on the year, and will go to Cincinnati on Sunday, where they will take on Cincinnati Bengals around 8:20 p.m.

Key Stats and Facts to Know:

With three touchdowns in the win on Thursday, Josh Allen is now tied with quarterback Dan Marino for the second-most touchdowns in the first six seasons, with 199. There is only Patrick Mahomes (204) has more.

Allen’s touchdown rushing was the 44th of his professional career. which is tied the record of Steve Young for the second-most by an NFL quarterback. Cam Newton leads all quarterbacks with 75 touchdowns.

Allen is currently 6-0 in Thursday matches in the course of his professional career. Mayfield had previously been undefeated on Thursday Night Football prior to the Buccaneers defeat this evening.

Dalton Kincaid was a major component of Kincaid’s role in the Bills running game, scoring 65 yards. Kincaid has nabbed 30 of 34 targets this season. This is the highest rate of catches among rookie, and the sixth-highest in the league overall. in the NFL.

Ed Oliver’s second quarter sack was his own season-high that was set in the year. The Bills defensive lineman recorded two total tackles, after missing the last game due to a toe injury.

Along with his throw for Kincaid, Allen has thrown 18 passing TDs during scrambles that are outside the tackle box on his right as of 2020, which is the highest number in his position in the NFL in the same time.

Gabe Davis’ nine receptions made it the career high for a fourth-year player. The prior high stood at six something was three times.


8:04 1Q BUF 3 1Q Tyler Bass 37-yard field goal is GOOD

BUF 10 TB 0. Josh Allen up the middle for 13 yards to touchdown.

7:40 2Q TB3 Chase McLaughlin 57-yard field goal is GOOD

BUF 10 Baker Mayfield pass short middle to Chris Godwin for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN

BUF 17 Josh Allen pass short right to Dalton Kincaid for 22-yards, TOUCHDOWN

10:40 3Q , Josh Allen pass short left to Gabe Davis for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN

2:44 4Q BUF 24 TB 17., Baker Mayfield pass deep left to Mike Evans for 24 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Baker Mayfield pass to Cade Otten is complete, two-point conversion is good.