Excessive knees for weight reduction: 5 variations

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Searching for an train for weight reduction? Experiment with various kinds of excessive knee train for weight reduction.

Everyone knows the standard operating or jogging movement. Now add exaggerated knee lifts to it, and you’ll get excessive knees. It could appear to be a simple approach to exercise, however it’s a excessive power transfer. This train will get your coronary heart pumping whereas participating your core and your decrease physique. You need to embody it in your health regime, particularly if you wish to shed pounds. It’s a high-intensity train that may assist in burning energy in a brief period of time. Allow us to let you know a few of the variations of excessive knees for weight reduction.

What’s the excessive knees train?

Excessive knees exercise is a cardiovascular train that features unexpectedly lifting the knees towards the chest whereas standing in a single place. It engages the core muscle teams, hip flexors, and all of the muscle mass in your leg, says health professional Yash Agarwal.

Excessive knees may be carried out whereas operating or jogging. Picture courtesy: Freepik

Excessive knees for weight reduction

Excessive knees may be an effective way to heat up or you possibly can embody it in your high-tensity exercise routine to assist with weight discount. It shortly burns a very good quantity of energy. It’s tough to get a precise determine, because it varies relying on the frequency, period, weight loss program, and particular person metabolism. However about 250 to 300 energy can get burned in half-hour by doing excessive knees.

Additionally, it engages multiple muscle group, and which will increase metabolism and calorie burn much more. As a cardiovascular exercise, it improves coronary heart well being and offers energy, permitting ladies to maintain longer and do extra intense workouts. This additional promotes weight reduction.

The way to do excessive knees?

To do that train for weight reduction, comply with these steps:

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  • Start by standing together with your ft hip-width aside.
  • Elevate your proper knee and produce it nearer to your chest whereas elevating your left arm.
  • Decrease your proper leg again to the ground and with none delay transfer your left knee towards your chest whereas elevating your proper arm.

You could alternate your legs shortly and get your core engaged whereas doing excessive knees, says the professional. Learners can begin with 10 to fifteen seconds for every set. For higher outcomes, maintain including a set once you get comfy doing excessive knees.

What are the variations of excessive knees?

You’ll be able to all the time do excessive knees whereas operating or jogging. Listed here are a few of its variations:

1. Excessive knee march

It’s just like the essential excessive knees. Nevertheless, excessive knee march is completed at a slower tempo, says the professional.

2. Excessive knee skips

Add a skipping motion whereas performing excessive knees, alternating between lifting knees greater and pushing off the ground with every step.

3. Excessive knee tuck jumps

This train includes a bounce after every excessive knee. You could explosively push your self off the bottom with doing excessive knees.

A woman doing high knees and listening to music
You should utilize a wall whereas doing excessive knees. Picture courtesy: Freepik

4. Leaning excessive knees

It’s the identical as the essential excessive knee, however additionally, you will should maintain your again leaning in opposition to a wall. This manner you possibly can keep stability, and forestall any danger of falls.

5. Excessive knees with resistance bands

Put a resistance band throughout your ankles or thighs for additional resistance whereas doing excessive knees, suggests Agarwal.

Who ought to keep away from excessive knees?

Excessive knees can put stress on the knees and hips, so these with current accidents in these areas should maintain keep from this train. Even pregnant ladies should be cautious in relation to excessive knees to keep away from any issues. Because it includes elevating the knees, the motion can put stress on the stomach.

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