Exploring the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Separation of 2016

Behind the Scenes of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's 2016 Split

Jada The Pinkett Smith announced in a recent interview that she and spouse Will Smith have been separated from 2016.

While the actors had entirely apart over the span of seven years weren’t prepared to confirm the information prior to when she admitted it to NBC.

At the time of their separation, she told me the couple were “exhausted by the effort”.

The couple still live apart however they do not intend to divorce.

Pinkett Smith, 52, said to NBC she had made a promise to her self that she Smith 55, will never divorce. She claimed she was not successful in breaking the promise.

“I believe we were in a way locked in our fantasies of what we believed the other person ought to have been,” she said. The interview was conducted prior to the release of her memoir, Worthy, next week.

The couple was in the news this year when Smith ran off the stage during the Oscars and hit host Chris Rock, yelling “keep my wife’s name off your mouth”.

The incident occurred following the time that Rock made an ode to Pinkett Smith’s baldness. The actress is suffering from alopecia which is a condition that results in hair loss.

In a separate interview Pinkett Smith told People she initially believed that it was a joke she had planned.

“It was not until Will began walking into his office that I realized that it wasn’t just a joke.”

She stated: “I’m going to be at his side, but let him work this out on his own.”

There was speculation over the wedding of the couple in 2020 after the couple were on the Pinkett Smith Facebook talk show Red Table Talk and discussed the pinkett-smith’s “entanglement” to musician August Alsina.

The actors first met in 1994, after Pinkett Smith tried out for the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The couple later got married in 1997.

They have two children they have two children – Jaden Smith along with Willow Smith – along with Trey Smith, Smith’s son with his former partner, Sheree Zampino.