Say Goodbye to Smartphones: Humane’s Wearable AI Pin Projector Unveiled

humane ai pin projector DigitalTariq

In April, former Apple veteran and Humane co-founder Imran Chaudhri attended an TED Talk to show off the first product of his company -an worn AI Pin projector that functions as ChatGPT. The company has since officially launched the device powered by AI and has given it the name AI Pin.

Humane’s AI Pin consists of a rectangular device as well as batteries. Utilizing magnets, the device is designed for attachment to your clothing or any other surface.

The engine that powers AI Pin projector is a Snapdragon processor, however it’s not clear the chip that it is using. The pin also comes with cameras, a touchpad and a tiny built-in projector. The battery booster is also included that adds 20g to the overall weight that the pin weighs (34g).

For this camera model, it’s capable making 13MP photos as well as video, but it you’ll need to update your software first. To make use of the camera however, you’ll need manually turn on the device by dragging or tapping the touchscreen. If the device is powered active it will turn on it’s “Trust Light” will turn on, signalling the user and anyone else that it’s recording, capturing or capturing information.

The most notable feature that the pin focuses on it’s AI integration that is based using OpenAI’s GPT-4. It handles actions such as voice-based messages, AI language translation, and much more. It also has the “catch me up” feature which can gather information from meetings and cut it into concise bullet points. With the operating Cosmos OS this pin is able to route queries to the appropriate tools in a way that allows you to eliminate the need to download and maintain apps.

Alongside the price of $699 () and need to pay Humane’s $24 monthly subscription. The subscription connects the device on the network of T-Mobile to offer data coverage, and also gives you a number that you can use. According to Wired reports, AI Pin will be available for pre-orders beginning November 16 but won’t begin shipping until the beginning of 2024.