Impeachment Inquiry Launched Against President Biden by McCarthy

President Biden Faces Impeachment Inquiry McCarthy's Move Explained

The Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday House Republicans will continue to pursue an impeachment investigation regarding the presidency of Joe Biden.

“Today, I am directing our House committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy declared in the U.S. Capitol.

“This logical next step will give our committees the full power to gather the full facts and answers for the American public,” said the senator added. “That’s exactly what we want to know — the answers. I believe the president would want to answer these questions and allegations as well.”

McCarthy stated that House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan and House Ways and Means Committee chairman Jason Smith will lead the investigation.

“I do not make this decision lightly,” the speaker stated. “Regardless of your party, or who you voted for, these facts concern all Americans.”

McCarthy has stated that there is a vote on an impeachment investigation, but currently, he does not appear to have the support to initiate one.

A campaign to convince holdouts such as GOP Rep. Ken Buck, of Colorado. The campaign is already in progress. Buck will be receiving a briefing by his House Oversight Committee staff this week regarding the investigation into the presidency of Joe Biden according to people who are familiar with.

McCarthy has announced the possibility of a Biden impeachment probe for a few weeks to get bank records as well as various other records from Biden and Hunter Biden, his son. Hunter.

In august, McCarthy stated on Fox News that an impeachment investigation could give “Congress the apex of legal power to get all the information they need.” So so far, Republicans have not been successful in proving any wrongdoing committed by the president Biden.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams addressed McCarthy’s remarks at the time via an online post on social media: “‘A natural step forward’ based on what?”

“This crazy exercise is rooted not in facts [and] truth but partisan shamelessness,” Sams wrote on X the site, which was once called Twitter.

McCarthy said on Monday that House Republicans during the recess in August, discovered “serious and credible allegations about the behavior of Vice President Biden. When taken together, these allegations provide the picture of a society which is rife with corruption.”

The announcement of a formal impeachment probe is coming in the same time that McCarthy is trying to ward off the possibility of a revolt from hard-line conservatives and avoid an unplanned shutdown of the government.

The House is scheduled to return from recess on Tuesday, with a speedy September. 30 deadline for the passage of a spending bill to keep the government running. House Republican leaders are hoping for a resolution that will continue or a short-term extension of funding, in order to give more time to negotiate the details of a bigger spending plan.

However, some members from the House Freedom Caucus — the same group that stymied McCarthy’s elevation to chairmanship of the House and also opposed his debt limitation agreement with Biden Biden — have stated that they will not vote for the continuation of a resolution unless it contains specific language regarding border security as well as “weaponization of the DOJ.” The Caucus is also opposed to any further assistance to Ukraine and could put the House in conflict with Senate Republican Chairman Mitch McConnell.

In the midst of tensions, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has made public threats to introduce the motion to remove McCarthy. The motion will force an election to decide if McCarthy should remain as speaker.

McCarthy did not respond to the threat and told reporters on Monday night: “He should go ahead and do it… Matt’s, Matt.”

“We got a lot of work — we got a lot in September to do. We’re gonna get our work done just as we’ve been doing,” McCarthy said.


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