Exclusive: Kate Middleton and Harry Styles’ Viral Meeting Sparks Global Buzz

Inside Kate Middleton's Unforgettable Encounter with Harry Styles

The princess of Wales and pop star Harry Styles have become the center of attention in a brand new viral video, as the social media users on TikTok have posted footage of them having a meeting at a charity function in 2014.

Kate Harry were introduced at their traditional Royal Variety Performance in London that sees top-of-the-line performers invited to perform and raise funds for those who are involved in the arts.

The event is typically attended by royal family. In 2014 the princes William and Kate were seated in their royal boxes for the first time in the years since the wedding three years ago.

The list of the night’s stars comprised Ed Sheeran, Bette Midler, Shirley Bassey, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding and One Direction.

After the show the royals were photographed greeting the performers. A short exchange among Kate as well as Styles was captured on camera.

Upload to TikTok by the user the_blazing_royals on the 6th of November, the princess can be seen engaging in animated chat with the pop-star in the popular video, captioned “Two stars together! When Harry Styles met Princess Catherine.”

The video has been watched more than 200 000 times on Instagram up to now and has received over 5,000 likes as well as numerous comments, a majority of which have praised Kate as well as Styles.

“What a throwback!” one comment read.

“Look at Harry Styles he’s all smiles meeting the beautiful Catherine princess of Wales,” one user wrote and added: “So charming.”

After the ceremony, Styles revealed some details regarding his conversation with the queen, telling the British publication that he “said congratulations on the bump …[Though] she didn’t look bumpy.”

The time was when Kate was expecting her second baby and was expecting a princess Charlotte.

Kate’s encounters with famous people have been often spotted by royalists and shared on social media. The moments typically occurring during events to raise funds for the charities she or the monarchy is involved with.

In 2021, the princess’ participation in an international premiere for the James Bond movie No Time To Die resulted in one of her most popular public appearances not just because of her sparkling appearance in a gold-plated gown, but also because of her friendly interaction with the actors Daniel Craig and other cast members.

Kate attended a film’s premiere alongside Prince William at the time of 2022. taking part in on the Top Gun: Maverick red carpet in London in a chic monochrome outfit with Tom Cruise.

William as well as Kate have been to at the Royal Variety Performances on four different occasions in their 12 year marriage, and even became the basis of comedians’ jokes at the performance.

In the same concert that was hosted with One Direction, British comedian Jack Whitehall addressed the royal box during his performance to inform Kate that they had been to the same college, Marlborough College, together prior to her meeting William.

“I don’t know whether its appropriate given the circumstances,” the princess was told by him. “But you were probably my first ever crush.”

The show’s coverage then went to Kate who sat down for a embarrassed laughter.

After the event, Whitehall spoke to journalist Jonathan Ross, Whitehall revealed that Prince William joked with him about the joke later on: “William came over and he was very funny, he was very nice but very passive aggressive [he said] ‘Oh, so you were flirting with my missus? Oh no that was very funny.'”

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