Suzanne Somers’ Husband Alan Hamel’s Heartfelt Final Love Letter

an Hamel's Final Love Letter to Suzanne Somers A Touching Farewell

A day before Three’s Company actress Suzanne Somers passed away her spouse Alan Hamel, 87, handed her a personal love letter to her as an surprise birthday gift. Somers passed away aged 76, on the Sunday of October 15, a day before her birthday, which was on the 77th. She battled breast cancer for more than 23 years. According to Somers the publicist of Somers, R. Couri Hay, after reading his letter she fell asleep and then passed away peacefully at night.

Somers and Hamel were married in 1977 when they were married. Hamel has a son, Bruce aged 57 who was born from prior marriage with Bruce Somers who was a stepmother to Hamel’s two daughters, Stephen and Leslie. Hamel’s love note to the woman who has shaped her life, was in the form of capital letters and presented in pink roses. According to People, the letter said –

“Love It is a tool I utilize each day, often several times every day. I utilize it at the conclusion of my emails to my wonderful family. I’ve even used it to send emails to my close friends. I even use it for when I’m going out.” “There’s the love and then I love you. You are my love! This is where we can find some of the many ways that we express love. Sometimes I feel compelled to show love by responding to a person who has signed love in their email in situations where I’m not comfortable using love, but I do it nevertheless.”

“I also use the word “love” to describe a wonderful food. I also use it to convey my feelings towards the show I watch on Netflix. I often use the term “love” in reference to my house and my cat Gloria to the items Gloria does, and to the sweetness of a mango I planted from my backyard. I love the flavor of freshly picked fresh royal jumbo organic medjool. I love eating on a fig that fell off the tree. I enjoy watching two massive blackbirds that are passing near my window in a power-dive. My everyday life revolves around things and people that I like and also things and people that I do not like.”

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“I could continue to say this ad infinitum but you understand. What kind of affection do I feel towards my wife Suzanne? Does it appear in any of these? Absolutely not. !!!! There is no variant of the word appropriate to Suzanne and I also apply the word “apply” with caution.”

“The most accurate version in terms isn’t even very close. It’s not even one percent. The unconditional love doesn’t work for it. I’ll kill you to protect you isn’t enough. I cry whenever I think about my feelings towards you. Gefühls… This is being close but not completely.”

“55 years of being together that is 46 married, and barely an hour separated for 42 of those years. That’s not enough. Even getting up at 6 o’clock and putting on hands while we sleep does not make it work. Looking at your gorgeous face as you sleep won’t make it any more effective.”

“I’m returning to my feelings. There aren’t words. There aren’t any actions. No promises. No declarations. Even the scholars in green from Oxford University Press Oxford University Press have spent 150 years but aren’t able to discover one word. This is why I’ll refer to it as ‘Us’. unique, magically amazing ‘Us. ‘”