TikTok is opening Dublin data center to alleviate China worries about spying

TikTok opens Dublin data centre to ease China spying fears

TikTok has launched their first European data center in order to ease worries about Chinese government surveillance.

The company says European users’ personal data is currently being transferred to servers located in Dublin as part of its ongoing effort to address privacy concerns regarding data security in the app’s video sharing links to China.

TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance The company claims it has never provided information to Beijing.

Some critics fear of China could be a target. Chinese state could demand access at any time.

The video-sharing company is giving an European security company to examine security and data protection measures.

TikTok has dubbed the project “Project Clover”, nodding to the crucial role Ireland plays. It’s running in tandem to “Project Texas”, which included a promise to offer similar policies to US lawmakers in 2020.

This year TikTok had to contend with a range of restrictions imposed by the government on its use for the grounds of privacy and cyber security.

A variety of institutions voted to block the app from their official devices which includes the UK government and The European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU Council.

Keeping data in Europe

One of the main concerns for European security authorities is the threat that the information TikTok has about its users could be obtained through China. Chinese state.

Authorities who have imposed bans have warned that email as well as other communications could be accessible through Beijing because of having the app installed on devices.

In an effort to reduce these fears, TikTok will now be in the process of storing European user’s data locally.

One data center located in Dublin is currently operating with plans for a second one in Ireland as well as one within the Hamar region of Norway.

The information of greater than 150 million European users will be transferred through these three centers.

Independent examination

In a report on the project, and in conjunction with an announcement about the initial data center opening, TikTok vice president for public policy in Europe, Theo Bertram, stated that a security firm of a third party will also be able to verify TikTok’s operations in the data center.

Project Clover has tasked NCC Group an international security company that has offices across Europe to examine the data protections of TikTok and report any issues.

Stephen Bailey, global director of privacy for NCC Group, said he was thrilled that TikTok has chosen NCC as the third-party security service provider for the project.

“Our objective scrutiny, monitoring and assurance means platform users in Europe and the UK can have confidence in the enhanced data security standards that TikTok is setting, which go above and beyond European regulatory requirements,” the CEO added.

TikTok announced it was a NCC Group would identify and respond to any “suspicious or anomalous access attempts” and work to improve security.

In the next few months ahead, TikTok along with NCC Group will engage with the decision-makers in Europe to discuss how this system works in real-time.


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