U.S. Open Scandal: Fan Ejected for Using ‘Hitler Phrase’ During Alexander Zverev Match


U.S. Open Ejects Fan From Alexander Zverev Match Over ‘Hitler Phrase’

A fan was kicked out of Arthur Ashe Stadium early Tuesday morning, after Alexander Zverev, the No. twelve seeded player from Germany said he was unhappy that the German was using “the most famous Hitler phrase there is” in his fourth-round match.

Zverev, who defeated the sixth seed Jannik Sinner 6-1, 3-6, 6-4 7-6, 6-3, in a match that lasted more than five hours. Zverev was playing during the 4th set, when he stopped to inform the chair umpire James Keothavong about the spectator.

“He just said the most famous Hitler phrase there is in this world,” an angry Zverev said to Keothavong. “This is unacceptable. This is unbelievable.”

The chair umpire instantly returned and demanded the player identify himself, but he could not appear.

“We’re going to get him out,” Keothavong declared.

Keothavong has also asked fans to be honest and show respect to each player.

After a short time security guards stepped up to the court’s edge to find the man, with the assistance by the ESPN’s Brad Gilbert and other spectators and finally escorted the man out of the arena amid loud boos.

“A disparaging remark was directed towards Zverev,” an USTA spokesperson stated in an announcement, as reported by Reuters. “The fan was identified and escorted from the stadium.”

Even with the injury, Zverev referred to the victory as one of the greatest events of his professional career, following his recovery from a severe ankle injury he suffered during the last tennis season’s French Open against Rafael Nadal.

“I guess I can say I’m back,” said he stated. “It’s one of the best moments of my career”.

Zverev will play the the defending champion and the No. #1 player Carlos Alcaraz in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

(Reuters contributed report)



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