Vabbing: The weird pattern of dabbing vaginal fluid like a fragrance

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Questioning if you happen to ought to attempt vabbing or vaginal dabbing to draw males? Let’s discover out if vabbing is protected or not.

The world of Web and social media is stuffed with weird traits. Right here’s one: Vabbing. A portmanteau of the phrases vagina and dabbing, it includes utilizing vaginal fluid and dabbing it on the physique like a fragrance to draw the other intercourse! Although there is no such thing as a scientific proof to again this declare, vabbing has been trending on-line for some time. However thoughts you, there’s a threat of introducing dangerous micro organism to the pores and skin whereas making use of vaginal secretions on the wrists or the again of the ears. Curious to know if vabbing actually works? Learn on to know all about vaginal dabbing and whether it is price making an attempt.

What’s vabbing?

Vabbing is brief for vaginal dabbing, which is a observe the place girls apply their very own vaginal secretion or vaginal discharge as a type of fragrance or scent. This observe relies on the assumption that the pure pheromones and scent produced by the vagina will be interesting or engaging to others when utilized to the pores and skin as a perfume, says obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Madhu Juneja. She warns that the protection and efficacy of utilizing vaginal secretions as fragrance haven’t been scientifically validated.

Vabbing shouldn’t be backed by science. Picture courtesy: Freepik

In response to analysis printed within the Reproductive, Female and Child Health journal in 2023, pheromones play a key function in mate choice amongst animals, together with human beings. However it’s nonetheless not recognized if vaginal fluid is a sex-attractant pheromone that can be utilized as a fragrance.

How does vabbing work?

Vabbing usually includes accumulating vaginal secretions from the vaginal opening or interior labia utilizing a clear finger or applicator after which making use of these secretions to the pores and skin as a type of fragrance or scent. The precise technique of vabbing could fluctuate relying on particular person preferences and practices.

Vaginal secretions are naturally produced by the vaginal glands and should fluctuate in consistency, texture, and scent relying on components corresponding to hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycle, and general vaginal well being, says the skilled. Some girls could discover their vaginal juices to have a refined or nice scent, which they might select to make use of as a perfume. Nevertheless, it’s important to train warning when accumulating and making use of vaginal secretions externally.

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What are the advantages of vabbing?

Listed here are some potential advantages of vabbing:

  • Some folks could respect the pure scent of their vaginal secretions, believing it to be distinctive, refined
  • Vaginal secretions comprise pheromones, that are chemical compounds that will play a task in attraction, says the skilled. Some consider that vabbing can improve their pure pheromone scent and probably appeal to sexual companions.
  • Vabbing could function a method to embrace and have a good time their femininity, sensuality, and bodily autonomy.
  • It may be a pure, eco-friendly different to artificial perfumes, because it utilises the physique’s personal secretions relatively than commercially produced fragrances.

Is vabbing wholesome?

The security and well being implications of vabbing, or making use of vaginal secretions as a fragrance, aren’t nicely understood and haven’t been scientifically validated. Whereas some girls could understand vabbing as a pure and innocent observe, there are potential dangers and concerns to concentrate on, together with the potential of infections and disruptions to vaginal well being.

1. An infection dangers

The vagina is a self-cleaning and self-regulating organ with its personal distinctive microbiome, which consists of a steadiness of useful micro organism and different microorganisms. Introducing vaginal secretions externally, corresponding to by making use of them to the pores and skin as a perfume, could disrupt this delicate ecosystem and improve the chance of infections. Dangerous micro organism or pathogens current in vaginal secretions might probably result in pores and skin irritation, allergic reactions, or infections if launched to the pores and skin or mucous membranes, explains Dr Juneja.

An underwear with flowers
Vabbing could result in pores and skin infections. Picture courtesy: Freepik

2. Hygiene concerns

Accumulating and making use of vaginal fluid externally requires cautious hygiene practices to minimise the chance of contamination and an infection. Working towards correct hand hygiene and cleaning the exterior genital space earlier than accumulating secretions might help cut back the chance of introducing dangerous micro organism. Additionally it is necessary to make use of clear and sanitized applicators or instruments if accumulating secretions for vabbing.

3. Potential irritation

Vaginal secretions can fluctuate in consistency, texture, and pH relying on components, together with your intervals. Some girls could also be extra delicate to sure parts of vaginal secretions, and making use of them externally might probably trigger pores and skin irritation, allergic reactions, or discomfort.

If you wish to attempt vabbing, train warning. It is very important prioritise vaginal well being and hygiene and to seek the advice of with a physician if you happen to expertise any issues or signs associated to vaginal well being or well-being. If you’re concerned with exploring pure fragrances or scents, you could think about using commercially accessible perfumes or important oils which might be particularly formulated for exterior use and have undergone security testing.

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