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WWE SmackDown Results

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes to our attention this evening (Sept. 1 2023) with a live performance that will be broadcast out of the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania which will feature the final event of WWE’s Payback premium live event on Saturday evening in Pittsburgh.

Tonight’s ad: John Cena is back and kicking off a campaign which will see him appearing on the majority of blue brand’s shows for the next couple of months!

The card also features: Jimmy Uso will show his face for the first time since his twin brother Jey left The Bloodline & WWE after SummerSlam, United States champion Rey Mysterio teaming with Santos Escobar to fight Grayson Waller & Austin Theory as well as many more!

Keep checking back at 8pm ET, to see when it’s time to watch SmackDown live blog starts after the show airs on FOX. The blog is below the mark here. (Note Links to streams that are illegal are not allowed. Photos and GIFs are accepted.)


So, let it go baby, this slow and rumbling cloud that could be able to take me away from you, but definitely not before I’ve liveblogged this pro-wrestling show for you, dear readers.

The show starts by reminiscing about Bloodline business.

The arena is live, John Cena makes his return to SmackDown.

He introduces us to the stage and discusses the many years of memories he’s had throughout the ring which never gets old. In fact, every occasion it improves. Now, he’s got the chance to visit India to the very first time of his professional career and he realized just before he arrived here that he’s scheduled to host Payback next night!

He’s also made it clear that he’ll do his best to return to us. And that begins right today with SmackDown tonight.

Then there’s Jimmy Uso, to brand new songs of his own unique.

He is in the ring and fights with Cena while the crowd chants to his younger brother Jey. Jim asks John why he’s this time, when people are paying to watch him, Jimmy Uso, a superstar, explains the reason the reason he chose to do it. The answer is easy-Jimmy Uso will save his brother 10 times over if he needs to and does not care about whether we agree or disagree. He was motivated by the love of his life.

He did it to ensure to ensure that Jey could not be like Romeo Reigns… or John Cena. Cena admits to having an individual style, however Uso insists that John is similar to Roman in the sense that they both take take, and give and take, but Cena does it with a smile. John informs him that he’s not the right guy. Uso to quit.

Jim fakes it out, Cena blocks the superkick and man’s move… Adjustment of the attitude!

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller are interviewed on stage.

They’ve had a great laugh at John Cena hosting Payback, due to the fact that Austin beat him before and Grayson will be hosting a more awaited part of Payback. Theory believes they’re the most effective tag team ever and they’ll defeat Latino World Order.

The Latino World Order make their appearance and we are now on break.

In the aftermath of commercial A furious Jimmy Uso walks backstage yelling at the crew members and asking them to say his name.

Austin Theory & Grayson Waller vs. Latino World Order (Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar)

Mysterio is hot and running early, Rocket Launcher with Escobar’s assistance cleans his heels and we’re off to break!

After a commercial The heels have Rey in a corner and are working on him at a certain length. Rey gets knocked down by Theory off the floor, Waller with a desperate tag, he clears the apron and cut off the tag! Twirl-a-whirl slam turned into Tijeras, Tag to Santos! Escobar with Hot, flying forearms enzuigiri with a diving crossbody just two!

Avalanche Frankensteiner Austin breaks the ice, Rey comes in to stop him! Santos with a dropkick Mysterio is directing the traffic, but Theory is in the back and knocks Escobar’s legs underneath! Rey gets Austin to the ground, Grayson takes advantage…

Austin Theory & Grayson Waller take home the pinfall victory with the thunderous Stunner of Waller in Santos Escobar.

Mia Yim is meeting with Adam Pearce backstage when Jimmy Uso arrives to interrupt Pearce and demand his attention.

Adam claims that this is the reason the man called him in. Adam is being rude to everyone and no one likes the way he’s acting. Jim leaves after which Pearce apologizes Yim.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance and we break for lunch.

After a commercial break, the OC are in chaos on stage.

Bobby Lashley gets on the mic.

He claims that wherever that people ask him the exact question: What’s happening regarding him as well as his Street Profits.

So, he’s here tonight to provide a simple straightforward solution: Real recognizes real, and great is a good thing, which is why he acknowledges the street Profits.

Get into to the street profit.

Bob claims they’re athletic and attractive, and more competitive than ever. Montez Ford thanks him for all he’s done for them It’s been while since they’ve experienced this level of success. Angelo Dawkins says Lashley helped the team move beyond the previous and become the future.

The group thanks Bob and he promises they’ll be going to fight for control, power and gold.

Join Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

They’re in a good position to engage in which they will be fighting Lashley as well as the Profits which block their ramp for a short time before letting them pass through and sending us into break.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Latino World Order (Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde)

Wilde and Zayn for the first time, Sami with a side headlock shot shoulder block, and cover for two! Owens entering, del Toro soon after, Cruz running riot with kicks. Pele on the apron stomps KO but he is still rolling back from the sendon of the slingshot and lands an explosive pop-up powerbomb!

The Helluva Kick kicks Joaquin from the side of the arena. another kick slams del Toro, tag to knock him out…

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn take the win via pinfall thanks to Owens and Zayn win by pinfall with Stunner of Owens to Cruz del Toro.

Following the game, Sami calls Judgment Day out and says that tomorrow night won’t be pretty or fun as tomorrow night is going to be the biggest fight of their lives.

Jim Uso runs into AJ Styles in the backstage area the match, and a shoving break is briefly interrupted, and Solo Sikoa arrives to help take AJ out. Solo informs Jim that he’s not in from the Bloodline until they announce that they’ve gotten him out of the Bloodline and Uso states that they won’t be able to say anything, and walks out of the arena, causing us off to break.

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage.

He says he’s looking forward to Solo tonight and wants to smack his teeth into his throat, and then give the guy the best medication. Karl Anderson rolls up to attempt to talk him out of the situation, but Mia Yim is on team AJ and Styles will not back down.

The Miz comes on stage and takes to the mic.

He claims that tomorrow night, LA Knight will have the most important match of his career which isn’t an insult, but the fact. We’ve seen how simple it was to be Knight in the WWE Raw and he’s certainly not the player Miz was a decade ago.

In comes LA Knight.

He takes the mic and reminisces about the little moments of cosplay he’s had such as the Rock John Cena, and then he’s finished LA Knight. What are they sharing in common? Other than Miz having a hard time to put on their wardrobes with clothes, and the tiny man? Miz would like to be the other, but he’s not able to.

Miz would like to claim it’s easy to be an LA Knight? He dragged himself from the sewers to get into this ring He’s made his payments at the place for payday loans and Miz could not make it through a day in his shoes. He claims Miz is correct in and they’re on the exact level, but he’s on the more superior one.

The A-Lister believes Knight failed, but he was successful in his unsuccessful reality show career as evidence. LA promises to break and battered and his wife devastated however he could fix it just by a single phone call. Miz claims he shatters desires like Knight’s all of every day and if it comes to losing his fame and job, he’ll be home to a roach infested house exactly like 2003.

LA claims the only thing Miz stated that is true is that he doesn’t know what to do. He asks him to enter his time machine as at Payback tomorrow, he’ll beat his opponent and show that the world that he is the best. LA dodges a lariat, Miz escapes but comes back with a with a throat thrust and a skull-crushing finale!

Miz informs him of his destiny and then departs, soaking up the hatred of the crowd. Knight is able to smack himself in the aisle, and knocks him down while road agents and officials attack him!

Damage CTRL begin their journey and we are off to break.

Bayley Vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart is hot, slapping the paintbrush of Bayley with a smile, working the whip boots up at the side, Shotzi and a hand-held headcissors on the ropes, and the break comes at 4! Bayley is turning the tides and stomps into the corner, and slaps with disdainful force, Blackheart clocks her with an enzuigiri!

The floor is lowered Then, he pulls on the Role Model to the floor and then snaps at the mat! Somersault sendon of the ropes. then back into the ring to break the count and we’re ready to break!

Returning from commercial, Blackheart throwing dives with abandon, back in and with an inverted Sling Blade, rising knee round kick Shiranui blocked, and Bayley puts her in her Tree of Woe and drops an ankle! Snap suplex to the corner, step up senton, on to the top, Damage CTRL run interference and Bayley knocks her down!

The Role Model The Role Model IYO SKY to use her title as a weapon Charlotte Flair comes down and knocks her down with a huge boot! Shotzi makes use of the opportunity to distract…

Shotzi Blackheart takes the title through pinfall.

After the match, Charlotte slides in the ring and raises Shotzi’s hands and we take a break.

After a break from commercials, we receive a video pack for Shinsuke Nakamura and. Seth Rollins tomorrow night.

We go over the previous developments of the Bloodline story, and then we head to break.

Resuming from commercial, the commentator will be a big draw for viewers next week’s show.

AJ Styles vs. Solo Sikoa

Sikoa takes him to the corner Styles fighting back with chops, then shoved back, huge shoulder blocks from Solo! AJ is kicked and returns it with a knee drop, pull him up, Sikoa stops with a smash! Solo with another slam with a whip, Styles is there to meet him with an attack, leapfrog, dropkick, dropkick joins!

Forearm on the side Paul Heyman makes his way to the stage, and Sikoa is able to hammer AJ with a elbow! The low bridge sends Solo down to floor. Styles by kneeling from the apron. The plancha forearm joins, Paul backs off, and we’re off to break!

After commercial, back to the mat Reversed whip and booted into the corner AJ from the 2nd but Solo breaks him with his jaw! One-handed bulldog to the posts, Styles is thrown to the ground! Inside, belly-to-belly Suplex to two! Body drop back, Sikoa in control, asking for the kick, AJ stops it by using Kick!

Pele kicks connect two men in and out! Styles with an underground dropkick, slid forearm and a blaze of fire! Corner Lariat, fireman’s carry Solo is released, AJ slips out of one of his own! Styles Rush, shoved off and pop-up Samoan dropping… Not enough! Cross-stitch, Styles that have a lariat or Quebrada… Still no!

Thought Styles Clash, Solo hosses his body, AJ grabs the ropes up to the apron and forearm stomps on Sikoa! Styles sets him up But Jimmy Uso is here and knocks him down! Solo takes full advantage…

Solo Sikoa is the winner by pinfall, winning pinfall using the Samoan Spike.

After the match, Jim gets in the ring and hug his brother however, Solo decides to spike his brother! Paul Heyman intervenes and Sikoa returns!

Uso kicks AJ with a superkick, and hits him, before kicking him up and glaring Heyman and Sikoa away from the ring!


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